Wednesday, April 27, 2011

10,000,000 minutes of FREE CALLS

1. Visit this Pennytel Promotional Page.
2. Enter your email address (valid) and register with them.
3. If you are already a pennytel user, then you should already have 10M free minutes in your account.
if you are allready Registered but not gott FREE MINUTS then use your other Valid Email. 4. Pennytel will send you three emails. Check for your password in the welcome mail.
5. Make a note of your SIP username (Pennytel Number) & your password.

After Gott username & password.
Go To:
by operamini on your Mobile
So, I hope you will be able to make most use of this Pennytel free minutes offer. I have already started using Pennytel promotional service and I m lovin it!

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